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Monkey King Escape is an endless runner where you control the legendary Monkey King, protagonist of the old Chinese novel 'Journey to the West' and inspiration for, among other things, the Dragon Ball anime and its main character Son Goku.

Gameplay in Monkey King Escape is very similar to any other third-person endless runner for Android. When you swipe left or right, your character will move left or right, and swiping up or down will make him jump or roll on the ground. Also, you have lots of different powers to jump higher or break things. Nothing out of the ordinary.

During your runs you have to dodge loads of obstacles and face loads of powerful enemies. In order to fight against them, you have to slide your finger quickly in one direction (the game will tell you where). If you do it right, you get more coins and can keep running. And, of course, you have to get as many coins as you can in order to buy new characters.

Monkey King Escape is a good endless runner and even if there's nothing new in its gameplay, its graphics are gorgeous.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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